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Pressure sand filter manufacturer in Chennai

Pressure sand filter manufacturer in Chennai

These filters are the most popular method for removal of turbidity from water. The Pressure Sand Filter consists of a multiple layers of sand with a variety in size and specific gravity. These Filters are designed to remove turbidity and suspended particles present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop. These Filters are custom designed to suit the process requirement. These filters are offered in Mild Steel, FRP or SS construction with face piping and associated Valves.
Pressure Sand Filter is exceptionally suggested for the evacuation of suspended solids and undisclosed contaminations like residue particles and substantial metals and so forth. PSF decreases turbidity.

Pressure Sand Filter is a perfect answer for the frameworks with high residue, sediment, sand, and turbidity. The Sand Filter are uncommonly intended to deal with the scope of suspended debasements. Our interesting plan guarantees the most extreme usage of the surface zone, lesser weight drop over the weight bed and successful disposal of the debasements.

Pressure sand filters Construction:

The Pressure sand channel comprises of a weight vessel either vertical or even, with a lot of frontal pipe work and valves, evaluated silica quartz sand upheld by layers of reviewed under bed comprising of stones and rock, a top wholesaler to circulate the approaching water consistently all through the cross-area of the channel, and an under channel framework to consistently gather the sifted water.

Working Process:

Crude water streams downwards through the channel bed and as the suspended issue, which is treated by the expansion of a coagulant like alum or polyelectrolyte, is held on the sand surface and between the sand grains promptly beneath the surface. There is a consistent ascent in the loss of head over some undefined time frame and the stream lessens once the weight drop over the channel is inordinate.

We Offer the following Range of Pressure Sand Filters:

  • FRP Pressure Sand Filters up to 2000 mm Diameter
  • Vertical MS Pressure Sand Filters up to 5000 mm Diameter
  • Horizontal MS Pressure Sand Filters up to 4000 mm Diameter

Pressure Sand Filter – Salient Features:

  • Efficient Turbidity Removal
  • Standard and effective multigrade sand media.
  • The low-pressure drop across the vessel
  • Optional Air scouring available.
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic& Automatic Options

The areas of application include

  • Raw Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Boiler Feed Treatment

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