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Sand filter manufacturer in Chennai

Sand filter manufacturer in Chennai

Sand Filter of different sorts is exceptionally normal in seawater frameworks. Filtration is the way toward passing fluids containing suspended issue through an appropriate permeable material (sifting medium) to successfully evacuate the suspended debasements present in it. It is the last advance in the strong evacuation process which incorporates coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation. Various sorts of filtration are offered to be specific inline, ordinary and direct. The filtration media utilizes silica sand, quartz sand, and anthracite as separating media, consequently the name sand plant.

Specific advantages and disadvantages

The principal advantage of a sand channel is the basic framework which, much of the time, can be utilized to get extensive yields. A sand channel can be put in different periods of water the executives – as a pre-treatment, as side-stream filtration, and as a cleaning channel. A sand channel regularly gives a gushing potential for re-use.

Be that as it may, synthetic compounds once in a while should be added to improve the yield of the sand channel. A burden of sand filtration is the flush water that is made when the sand channel is cleaned. This intensely dirtied water must be dealt with and discarded. To restrict the heap on the channel, a starter sedimentation step is actualized for intensely stacked wastewaters (a ton of suspended and sinkable issue). This maintains a strategic distance from dreary re-washing of the channel. Spasmodic sand channels are regularly set in parallel set-up so as to keep the procedure running when one of the channels is being cleaned.

 What Types of Sand filters:

Inline filtration:

In this procedure coagulant, synthetic concoctions are added only preceding the water entering the filtration unit

Conventional filtration:

It is a procedure generally utilized in civil and enormous water medicines. Here all the pretreatment steps are incorporated.

Direct filtration:

It is like traditional filtration with the exception of that the progression of sedimentation is excluded


Sand channels are utilized in different divisions and procedures, where expansive expulsion of the suspended issue from water or wastewater is required. Divisions where sand filtration is executed incorporate drinking water creation, pools, vehicle washes, groundwater treatment, RWZI, slaughterhouses, leafy foods handling industry, drinks, sustenance industry, and surface treatment of metals. Cooling water creation, drinking water arrangement, pre-filtration in dynamic carbon medications and layer frameworks, and the filtration of pool water.


Sand filtration is primarily used for the removal of suspended matter. The yield, in this case, varies between 50 and 99.99%, depending on whether support aids are used. In addition to suspended matter, COD, BOD, organically bound nitrogen and phosphate, and undisclosed metals are also removed from the wastewater.

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